Moose Package


Tim Hortons Coffee
Red Rose Tea
Maple Syrup
6 Chocolate Bars
2 bags of Old Dutch Chips
 5 Candy’s
Kraft Dinner
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Product Description

These are the variety of goods that will be in your Moose your package!

Maple Syrup 50 ml
Old Dutch Ketchup Chips 66 grams
Tim Hortons Coffee 343 grams
Coffee Crisp 50 grams
Wine Gums 44 grams
A box of Kraft Dinner 200 grams
Mackintosh’s Toffee 45 grams
Red Rose Tea 113 grams
Mirage 41 grams
Eat-More 52 grams
Fuzzy Peaches 64 grams
Oh Henry 58 grams
Twizzler Nibs 63 grams
Turtles 50 grams
Smarties 50 grams
Old Dutch Dill Pickle Chips 66 grams
Crispy Crunch 48 grams

Additional Information
Weight 1988 g
Dimensions 31.1 x 23.5 x 13.3 cm
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